Recipe: Grilled Wild Turkey Jalapeño Whoppers

Having taken just shy of half a decade to kill my first turkey I wanted to utilize the meat in some great dishes. This is a simple recipe but extremely delicious. It’s hard to screw up anything that involves bacon and this is definitely on that list. I’ve seen variations of this dish but it was usually as an appetizer or hors d ‘oeuvre. I wanted it to be an entree so I went a little bigger and it came out amazing. It’s similar to a variation of jalapeño poppers but on a larger scale thus calling them whoppers.


From the picture you can see the basic steps. Take a jalapeño cut it in half and clean it out to get rid of the seeds and veins. Then, fill the pepper with cream cheese. Cut some of your wild turkey breast into jalapeño sized strips and lay it on top. The grand finale is wrapping the whole thing in bacon! For maximum flavor grill over charcoal until the bacon is crispy.


The key is indirect heat. I use a simple weber kettle style charcoal grill and only put coals on half of the grill. I start them out on the indirect side until the bacon is just shy of crispy but is starting to look done. This is usually about the time the meat has cooked all the way through. Then I move them over the coals to finish off the bacon and get it crispy. The challenge is managing the flare ups from the bacon grease. So be careful not to burn yourself or the food! If unsure whether or not it’s done you can always use a meat thermometer or move it back to the indirect heat and let it cook a little longer.

Once they are cooked to perfection let them sit for few minutes, that cream cheese will be like white lava if you don’t. Plus giving it a few minutes to rest gives all the turkey and bacon juices a chance to intermix nicely. If you’ve got any turkey left from this spring gobbler season, do yourself a favor and give this a try!


  • Marjorie Hise Moss

    Those jalapeño peppers look great, Will. We’ll have to try them; our peppers are in the garden now!

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Thanks Marjorie! Unfortunately those are store bought Jalapenos our plants aren’t producing yet, but soon!

      • Marjorie Hise Moss

        Oh, my jalapeños aren’t ready yet, either. And you have one up on me because I will not be able to use wild turkey. Maybe next year! Just got my new (and first) bow! Got it all set up yesterday and took some practice shots. I love it!