Building a Monster: GrizzlyStik Arrows & Broadheads

You can’t start a series called ‘Building a Monster’ without packing some serious knock down power. Thus I’ve gone with an amazing arrow and broadhead combination from the good folks at GrizzlyStik. They have a great program right now called ‘The 650 Challenge’ which is definitely worth looking into. If you like the arrows you basically end up with two free arrows, and arrows are expensive so free arrows are always good.

The 650 in ‘The 650 Challenge’ refers to the total arrow weight. Yes I totally realize when compared to conventional compound arrows that’s a bit on th heavy side but I assure you it’s a good thing. Let’s start with the arrows itself. I’m shooting the GrizzlyStik Momentum UFOC Carbon arrows in 330 spine. These arrows come out of the box just looking amazing. The quality of the finish and the construction of the arrows is flat out phenomenal. I know it sounds stupid but until you get them in your hands you don’t understand how nice the arrows look and feel. What helps these arrows get that ‘Ultra Front of Center’ is not only being paired with a hefty head or field point but in the fact that these are the only carbon arrows on the market with a full length taper design. So the front of the shaft is quite thick and as you go further back it goes to a noticeably smaller diameter. GrizzlyStik-Silver-Flame-XXL For turkey this weekend I’m shooting these arrows with 175 grain Silver Flame XXL broadheads. These things are massive and insanely sharp. Everyone says their broadheads are sharp, and well, they better be. These are a tad different in that they hold an edge insanely well. I shot one through a foam target 6 times and on the 6th time it blew through the target and buried a solid 3 inches in the dirt. After I jerked it out of the dirt I carefully wiped the dirt off. A few minutes later I noticed a wet feeling on my thumb, yup it was blood. Despite going through a target and burying in the dirt it was still sharp enough to put a decent cut in my thumb without me even noticing. With a well tuned bow I’ve tested these out to 40 yards and they fly great. There is a little noise while in the air but I’d expect that with a fixed blade with a 1 & 7/8 inch cut. GrizzlStik-Massai For deer and any other future big game they will be tipped with 200 grain Single Bevel Massai Broadheads. Packing a lot of punch behind a single bevel broadhead that’s insanely sharp and durable is a recipe or success come ribs or shoulder. I’m as concerned as the next guy about clean shots and not hitting the shoulder bone or anything other than vitals but the truth is we’re humans making shots at living things and things rarely go 100% as planned. I’ve heard story after story of this arrow and broadhead combination having insane penetration on even the largest of big game. I’ll save you all the grand stories and just wait until this fall to have my own. These flew great out to 40 yards as well and were whisper quiet in flight.

I know I’ve run through this pretty quick and I’m sure there are a lot of questions out there about why I’d choose such a heavy combination and I plan to answer them very soon. We’ll go over exactly how much these combinations weigh, at what speeds they’ll be traveling out of the Chill R as well as the kinetic energy and more importantly the momentum they’ll carry.

  • ChasingtheHunt

    I have been on the fence about these. They only thing that is holding me back is price. What are you looking at to get 1/2 dozen broadheads and a dozen arrows?

    • TheWilltoHunt

      They definitely are not cheap but with the 650 Challenge you at least get two free. It depends on if you order bare shafts or have them cut and fletch them etc. It also depends on which broadhead you are looking at as well. Basically for what you’re looking for it will be around $300. Again, I realize that’s not cheap but it’s level with the market for top end gear and these are by far the best I’ve ever used.

  • Jacob Pedersen

    This is why I read your blog.. I find out about quality products I never knew existed. Without you, I would have to listen to everyone tell me about how carbon express is the only way to go.

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Yeah CX does make a good arrow and I’ve shot the latest Maxima Reds as well as various othe brands but I’ve never really had an arrow REALLY stand out until now. These things are amazing. Your fps will suffer but the momentum is off the charts . . . More details on Momentum vs Kinetic Energy an all that physics stuff coming up here shortly :-)

      • Jacob Pedersen

        Maxima Reds are what I’m looking at right now. Save a little money for the time being. They look like good arrows but I may wait until I’m going to be pursuing bigger game. I don’t need grizzly sticks for deer and turkeys!