Turkey Decoy Setup Guide & Discount!

Turkey season is right around the corner! Well, for some of you it may already be turkey season. I’ll be turkey hunting in Wisconsin this season and because of the recent move I didn’t anticipate needing Wisconsin tags so I didn’t apply early. I have tags for 4th and 5th season so I have to wait until May 7th before I can get after them. Despite having to wait I have some great opportunities to get after some big birds and it’s shaping up to be my best turkey season yet.


To help you prep for Turkey season or maybe tighten up your decoy game check out the recently published Turkey Decoy Setup Guide from Montana Decoy. Yes, it requires you enter some info to get a copy of the PDF but the good folks at Montana Decoys won’t be spamming you or bothering you incessantly. Their turkey decoy set up guide is great for new or seasoned turkey hunters as it will help you learn the basics and maybe shed some light on some new tactics.  Perhaps the best part, if you’re interested in any of their decoys you can get 15% OFF with code: willtohunt-tg14 which is good until the end of April! So enjoy the guide and a discount.


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  • http://playoutdoorsblog.wordpress.com/ moseyalong

    I’m a bit late commenting, but I hunted one of the last seasons last year (14th to the 21st of May, I think) in the south-western zone, and I saw plenty of turkeys. Spooked a tom and a jake that I’d have had shots on, had my hands not been full. They were still gobbling at that time last year. My tags this year start next week.

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Better late than never Amber! Glad to hear they’re still active in the late season. In VA it seemed like the start of season was even too late sometimes. Good luck!