Building a Monster: The Setup

I’ve been so excited to get the new Mathews Chill R set up. It’s been driving me nuts having to wait until I had the time to spend a couple hours getting it done right. You can buy the best bow and all the best accessories but if you don’t do a good job setting it up all that money will have been wasted. It can be hard to to find a good pro shop. I’ve lived in 3 states and honestly never found a pro shop I truly enjoyed spending time at until now.

In Maryland the shop I used was good, the owner was a good guy but they had odd hours, were really busy and it just wasn’t a great set up. In Virginia there was really only one pro shop in my area until right before I moved and literally everyone behind the counter there had an ego and an attitude. They acted like they knew everything and frankly most of them didn’t know nearly as much as they led on. They treated a friend and new archer very poorly so I refused to go there. My pro shop there was my buddy Tim’s garage. He knew what he was doing and did an awesome job setting me up but there were no bows to test out and fun gadgets to try.

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This go ’round I went to A1 Archery over in Hudson, WI. It’s just shy of an hour drive but well worth it. In a previous post I mention shooting some bows there and that was my test so to speak. The staff was incredibly nice, easy to work with and not pushy at all. So naturally, after I got the new bow I went back for them to set it up. I walked in with a bow in a box, a pile of accessories and walked out with a tac driver.


The first part of the set up was sticking all the accessories on, (I’ll go over each in detail in my next posts). While that sounds easy there are plenty of tricks to setting up a rest and a sight to help you get the most out of each. Then, we put on the D-loop, set my draw weight and verified that the draw length was good. We did a little paper tuning to make sure the rest was set up properly then we added the peep and got it situated and tied in. All the while we talked hunting and archery which obviously I can do for hours. After that we hit the range and man does the Chill R shoot nice. In short order I was sighted in at 20 yards. Their indoor range goes out to 30 and soon they’ll have their outdoor range ready to shoot out to 80 yards.

In short, make sure you choose a good shop that’s going to take their time and set everything up right. In total I was at A1 for about 3 hours. Each person I worked with there took their time and made sure I had everything I needed and exactly how I liked it. Archery can be an investment and don’t trust that to just anyone.

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  • Wesley Levy

    I Know what you mean. I was in the gun shop for over 2 hours setting up my scope and putting it on, and the guys in there were great. No attitudes, they just helped me and answered questions until everything got situated and I was good to go. Great shots start in the store.

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Most any weapon is only as good as it’s set up. Thanks for stopping by Wesley!