Review: Tenzing Outdoors TZ1250

Tenzing has burst onto the scene over the last year or so with some great pack designs. They have everything from small packs to a carbon fiber frame pack. I used the Tenzing TZ1250 lumbar pack all fall for whitetail season. I came into it skeptical because I’ve never been a fan of lumbar packs but this one is loaded with features that peeked by interest so I gave it a shot.


What I liked about this pack was the fact that it came with shoulder straps and the ability to carry a bow or gun. Those features are usually only found in a backpack and they are available on the  TZ1250 for good reason. This thing can hold some serious weight. The main compartment is cavernous. For most of the season I carry a flashlight or two, knife or two, DSLR with two lenses and my deer cleaning kit that holds a lot of gloves and a deer drag. I also keep my binoculars and range finder in my pack. I kept all of that along with some spare batteries and stuff with plenty of room to spare. Surprisingly, this pack can handle some serious weight without the shoulder straps as they are removable. I like the convenience of being able to just throw the pack on my shoulders and go. If you plan on using the bow/gun carrier or stack more gear on top and use the cinch straps then the shoulder straps are a must. There’s another feature the TZ1250 has that many other lumbar pack lack, it accommodates a water bladder with an nice port for the tubing.


It’s got space but it’s also full of organization. There’s a large pocket in the outer lid, there’s a secondary lid with 3 mesh pockets, the main compartment, four smaller outer compartments and a compartment in each side of the hip belts. The center compartment also has a way to access the main compartment without opening the main lid. Also there are smaller mesh pockets and compartments in the middle compartment perfect for organizing licenses and tags. There is also various attachment points as well as cinch straps on top and underneath the main bag.



It’s rare to find a pack with a mix of space, organization and comfort and this pack hits all 3. It’s great for whitetail hunting or even if you’re hunting out west and need a nice daypack with all kinds of options. I’ve also heard it’s great for hunting on horseback. The only drawback for the TZ1250 is the price. While it’s completely worth the $199.99 price tag it’s the same price as the TZ2220 which obviously has some additional space. Additionally there’s the TZ930 that’s a lumbar pack with just a little less space and can’t carry a bow or gun with a price tag of $134.99. So while it’s worth every penny it’s a hard decision between those three packs. The deciding factor for the TZ1250 is the immense space and flexibility of the design, it’s got plenty of space when you need it and can be just a lumbar pack when you don’t need the space. Check out the video below of TZ1250 by Tenzing Designer Jay Robert.


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  • Philip Peterson

    Its is a great pack. I received one this year as a gift. have used it a few times. Really looking forward to putting it to good use this fall.

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Glad to see you like the pack as well Philip. I’ve been quite impressed with it for sure!

  • Troy Knoll

    Looks sweet. I have been looking for a pack that is in green or brown so the Loden option has me intrigued. Do they have a pack that works for carrying cameras/camera arms?

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Hey Troy, thanks for stopping by! They do make a camera bag, the TZ1400 but it’s one of the few that I think only comes in camo. The link is below. I’m the same I like packs that aren’t camo so I can use them for various uses. While the TZ1400 is made for camera gear you know just about any pack can be used for it. The TZ2220 is probably a good pack for camera gear with plenty of space and comes in green!

      TZ1400 – http://tenzingoutdoors.com/tz_1400.php

      TZ2220 – http://tenzingoutdoors.com/tz_2220.php