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Donnie Vincent Releases Adventure Film Series Teaser

I’ve gotten to know Donnie Vincent and his amazingly talented crew over the last year or so, so I’ve gotten somewhat of an inside look at how they work and to put it plainly, it’s just flat out impressive. The thought that goes into their film making and how they tell a story is amazing. To prove that point their debut film “The River’s Divide” has been inlcuded in various film festivals and has won various awards. The key point there is they aren’t all hunting or outdoor film festivals. “The River’s Divide” took Best Dakota Documentary Film Festival.

So now, you get a look at what this film series is going to be like with the new teaser that was just released. This shows clips of some of the amazing adventures you’ll get to experience with Donnie. You can view the teaser below but be sure to check out DonnieVincent.com and you can get your copy of “The River’s Divide” while you’re there.

  • http://apexadvertising.co Jon Gabrio

    Truly amazing footage and production quality. Can’t wait to see the rest of this footage!

    • TheWilltoHunt

      You and me both buddy!

  • http://jakescamp.com/ Jacob Pedersen

    Every time you head to the outdoors you are just adding to your story and Donnie and his team are one of the very few who have learned how to capture it on video. Their videos leave you with a sense adventure and passion as if you were standing right next to Donnie on the hunt. I can only hope to have a team like that one day, Will.

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Spot on Jacob! They do amazing work. Thanks for stopping by!