Review: Mission Craze

My wife grew up around archery as her father was an archer, hunter and bowyer so over the last few years as I’ve gotten more and more into bowhunting she started getting interested in shooting again. I was excited when she demonstrated interest in getting her own bow and shooting with me in the yard. Then I found a slight delimma. My wife is quite petite at 4’11” but aside form her short stature she’s plenty strong so I needed a small bow that fit her minuscule draw length while still having a decent draw weight. I read tons of reviews and looked at stats of all kinds of models and settled on the Mission Craze.

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I say “I” settled on it because it was a surprise. Christina had been hinting for a while and I wanted to get her a bow that would fit her both in size, quality and looks. I also wanted it to be affordable in case she decided after a few months she didn’t feel like shooting anymore, that way I hadn’t dropped $1,000 on a bow. The Craze delivered all of that with an MSRP of $299. I should be clear while I got this bow for my wife it’s a great shooting bow with a wide range. It’s adjustable from 19″ – 30″ of draw length and draw weight range of 15 – 70 pounds. The Craze boasts a max IBO of 306 feet per second. So while insanely affordable and adjustable it’s no toy or ‘girly’ bow, well unless like this one it has pink limbs!


Because of the bows immense adjustability I was able to quickly and easily adjust it to my specs and shoot it and I was quite impressed with how the bow shoots. I’m not going to tell you it shoots as nice as a top of the line bow costing 4 times more but this bow holds its own and I wouldn’t hesitate to hunt with it. It’s compact size and light weight would actually make it ideal for various hunting scenarios over some more expensive bows. It’s definitely a bow that will grow with the owner from beginner all the way up. One of the things that impressed me right out of the box was the quality. For the price I expected something between a toy-like bow and a cheap box store bow but what I found was a bow that had the fit and finish that rivals most any bow on the market costing way more. The quality makes since as Mission Archery is owned by Mathews which has a reputation for great quality.

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After about a dozen arrows through the bow we had it shooting well at 20 yards as Christina was getting the hang of shooting again. She’s been shooting fingers as that is how she grew up shooting but I think we’re going to add a D-loop, get her a release and crank things up a little. Her hand was getting fatigued quickly so a release should help and potentially help a little with consistency.


The only thing I can find on the bow that might present an issue is the part on the cam where you move the set screw to change the adjustment is plastic rather than metal. Now this doesn’t mean it will fail or have any issues I just imagine this could be a weak point if the bow was abused but by no means does it seem cheap or like it will cause problems while shooting or normal shooting or hunting use.


Overall, the Mission Craze has been very impressive. From the immense adjustability to the quality and perhaps most importantly the price. If you have any level archer on a tight budget this bow will not disappoint. It’s quiet, has a smooth draw and looks great. I’m not sure there is a better or more adjustable bow on the market under $300.



  • Tom WATERS

    Love mine. I bought it for much the same reasons, beginning bowhunting at age 53. I practice religiously and as they say, the proof is in the puddin’

    • TheWilltoHunt

      That’s awesome Tom! Congrats on an awesome buck and I’m glad you had a good experience with the Mission Craze. It’s a great bow.

  • http://jakescamp.com/ Jacob Pedersen

    You made my research rather easy in finding a bow for my girlfriend. I’m nervous to get her a bow though because she already has more trophies on the wall than I do and hasn’t hunted much in the last 5 years!

    • TheWilltoHunt

      It really is a great bow Jacob! If y’all swing by the Twin Cities anytime soon and want to take a look just let me know. She sounds like a keeper though and if she wants a bow you better get her one! LOL