The Future of Tough – 2015 Ford F-150

I just got back from the North American International Auto Show last night and what an experience! First off thanks to Ford for not only addressing a crowd of bloggers but for embracing folks like me in the hunting and outdoor industry. It make sense though, the far and away buzz of the show was the new 2015 Ford F-150. Of course I spent time looking at other vehicles and out on the show floor but I found myself continually ending up back a the new F-150. I spent an absurd amount of time just looking at it – every part of it, sitting in it, looking some more, walking away then turning around and starring at it some more. It’s just a good, strong looking truck that I’m really impressed with so far.


What’s So Special About the 2015 F-150?

There’s a lot of new in the new F-150 they didn’t just swap out headlamps and change the size of the grill it’s truly a whole new truck. The headlining feature so far is that it has an all aluminum body that contributes to 700 pounds in weight savings. Think about that, 700 pounds. They managed to stamp that aluminum into crisp lines and a beautiful shape that is very close the the Atlas concept from last year. Many have said the front is reminiscent of the current Tundra which I can see. However, I see it as more of a continuity with the design language of the rest of the Ford line up. In person it has more broad and squared shoulders than the Tundra, if you will, and the rest of the truck is elegantly tough.

So it’s pretty and made of aluminum so what? Well there’s more! It’s packed to the brim with new technology. Everything from 360 degree cameras to lane departure warning. Honestly though, maybe because I can never afford new trucks, I’m more impressed with the simpler aspects. What makes it go, how hard is it to get stuck and am I going to spend a fortune in gas? The F-150 will have 4 available engines starting with the new 2.7L EcoBoost V6 standard with Start Stop Technology. They haven’t released any MPG estimates yet but I’m guessing well over 25. If you’re unfamiliar with Start Stop Technology think of a gas powered golf cart where the engine cuts out when you let off the gas and only cuts on when you need it. Ford might not like that analogy in reference to their flagship truck but you get the idea. The goal is performance and efficiency. The rest of the engine line up is the 3.5L Ti-VCT V6, 5.0L V8 and the 3.5L EcoBoost V6. You notice one engine is distinctly missing, the 6.2L V8 that will go away with the 2014 model. This leads me to my biggest concern, what’s going to happen to the Raptor? Despite asking everyone that might know in the Ford camp I’ve been told to ‘look for updates on the Raptor soon’. Updates hopefully mean it’s not going away. Even though the Raptor is a ridiculous but awesome version of the truck I hope the update isn’t that it’s going away or being replaced by a boring sequel of a truck. The result there, if you want a Raptor with the 6.2L V8 hit up your dealer now!

Some other interesting features that make the truck that much more useful is there are LED Headlamps and to further that there are lights and plugs all of the truck to power and illuminate whatever you might be doing. There are steps that conveniently drop down just behind the cab to access the bed, storable ramps for getting your ATV in the bed and the rear doors on the extended cab open way past 90 degrees. One of the simpler features that I love is that the rear seat bottom folds up to reveal a flat floorboard making it even easier to store the stuff you don’t want sliding around in the bed.

Those are my impressions of the 2015 F-150 and I’m pretty excited to see how it all comes together of the next few months as they begin to release pricing and MPG info. More info on the new F-150 below! (Click Images For Full Size)

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  • Kristin

    It was great meeting you in Detroit, founding your fan club, and talking about trucks, hunting and Raptors! The truck, not the bird. I can’t wait to drive the new Ford F-150~

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Likewise Kristin! I forgot you were the president of my fan club, LOL! I’m pretty pumped to get behind the wheel of a 2015 at some point or sure. I’m definitely anxious to see what happens to the Raptor though.

  • Karl Allen

    Always have been a Ford man, great article and review! They continue to push the envelope and keep the best looking truck on the market, go FORD

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Thanks Karl! I grew up a GM guys and have always liked the Silverado, but in recent years it seems Ford is edging them out in various categories and after getting to drive the 2014 F-150 and spend some time looking at the 2015 it’s just a great truck!

  • Mike

    Did you get any information on the suspension? I had a 94 Explorer that I replaced with an 05 Explorer. One of the issues I have with the newer vehicle is that Ford took the Explorer from a field vehicle to a highway vehicle.

    • TheWilltoHunt

      I don’t know all the details Mike but it’s definitely still a true truck body on frame design with a true truck suspension. The Explorer’s definitely made a big change going from a body on frame truck, to essentially a unibody cross over. Still a cool vehicle just not what it used to be.

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