North American International Auto Show Ford Blogger Experience

I just landed in Detroit to participate in the Ford Blogger Experience at the North American International Auto Show. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to check out the latest offerings from Ford and see how they fit the outdoor lifestyle. While many think that all hunters care about is knobby tires and an 8-foot bed many of us have families, we commute to work and those knobby tires wear a hole in your pocket quick! I’m hoping to see what the latest features are in the F-150 as well as their SUV’s and crossovers.

As many of you know I don’t own a truck. Previously I had a Mazda Protege5 wagon that easily fit two tree stands, a cooler and a ton of gear with the back seats laid down all while getting 30 miles to the gallon. Now I have 10-year old Passat that accommodates a cooler, tree stand and gear nicely in it’s trunk. Although I did beat the heck out of the suspension in the Mazda driving it off road. Of course a shiny new F-150 is a great choice for the outdoorsman, but what about the Escape or the Explorer? Maybe even the Fusion?

Some may be wondering how I got here and I’m still a little surprised myself. Few major brands embrace hunting either by accident or to avoid the distasteful reactions of groups like PETA. I’m excited to see Ford embracing outdoorsmen by inviting a few of us into their small group of bloggers that they bring out each year. More specifically I’m here as second string. It’s true, Mark from was their first pick but lucky for me he was too busy with ATA wrapping up last week to come so he referred them to me! So thanks a ton Mark! Well, and thank you Ford for reaching out to him in the first place and being willing to bring me out here!

Be sure to follow along on Social Media to see the latest! I’ll be updating Twitter mostly but will also have stuff popping up on Instagram, Facebook and Google+. You can also see the action unfold from all the folks attending by using the Hashtag #FordNAIAS.