Review: Donnie Vincent’s The River’s Divide DVD

I’ve had the pleasure of keeping up with Donnie and his crew during the development of this film as well as the initial release through various film tours and festivals. It was awarded Best in Festival at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival and Best Dakota Documentary at the South Dakota Film Festival. It was the feature at the Full Draw Film Tour to much acclaim and has been aired various other places even the flagship L.L. Bean store in Maine.

In my humble opinion this is the best hunting film ever produced. It doesn’t boast of 15 kill shots in it’s 46 minute run time there is simply one. There isn’t any excessive celebration or KISS like face paint. This is a whole new league of hunting film that focuses on the most important part, the hunt. Three things come together to make this an amazing film. First is Donnie’s great way of conveying emotion and his thoughts in a very real and relatable way. His humble on-camera presence also makes him very easy to identify with and relate to. Second is William Altman’s camera work that makes for a beautiful film that puts you there with them. The third and final piece to the puzzle is Kyle Nickolite’s amazing ability to tell a story through film. He manages to not only tell the story but immerse you in it.

The heart of the film is Donnie’s two year quest for a single whitetail buck in the badlands of North Dakota which he famously nicknamed, “Steve”. The only thing that might eclipse the story itself is the beautiful scenery. The imagery in this film helps place you right there with Donnie like you’re following along every step of the way. You experience the highs and lows of his quest and Donnie does an amazing job of allowing you to experience it with him.

The bottom line – this is a hunting film you can’t afford to miss. Aside from the awards and my thoughts, and Field & Stream also have very favorable things to say about the film. Lucky for you the DVD is now for sale, you can buy it HERE.

SICMANTA PRESENTS: Donnie Vincent’s The River’s Divide | Trailer from Sicmanta on Vimeo.


  • eklumb

    I saw this film at the local archery shop (one vincent uses). It is a true feature film and sets a benchmark for outdoor filmmaking.

    • TheWilltoHunt

      I agree! Glad you liked the film and thanks for taking the time to comment!