Trophy Picture Contest Winners

Thank you to all who submitted pictures and all of you who voted. We have our top three!

First Place: Kent’s Elk

RediEdge Tactical Sharpener Box SetReal Avid Viscera$50 Gift Card to WideOpenSpaces.com10lbs of True North Outdoors Fatal Attraction Trophy MineralHawke DeerPass Scope and a Wicked Tree Gear Saw!

Kent's Elk

 Second Place: Marcus’ Whitetail

RediEdge 40 Degree Tactical SharpenerReal Avid Viscera,True North Outdoors Fatal Attraction Sugar Beet Draw

Marcus' Whitetail

Third Place: Kevin and Sarah

RediEdge Dog Tag SharpenerReal Avid Revelation

Kevin and Sarah

 If you enjoyed the contest please take the time to check out each of the companies that offered prizes for the contest


RediEdge: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Hawke Sport Optics: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Real Avid: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Wicked Tree Gear: Website, Facebook

True North Outdoors: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Wide Open Spaces: Website, Facebook, Twitter










Turkey Call,Call,Slate,Aluminum
  • Idaho Pursuit

    Sweet! Some people may feel our picture isn’t much of a “Trophy” but the memory of this hunt was much more important than any monster I may have taken!