Trophy Picture Contest Finalists

Here they are, the top 10 Trophy Pictures! I originally said the top 5 would be picked but I liked too many so I picked 10 finalists. Thanks to everyone who entered I got a lot of great images and great stories. Even though I picked 10 it was still a very tough decision! So here they are, scroll down to vote! Voting will end at 9PM Eastern on Thursday February 14th. Click to enlarge images

First Prize: RediEdge Tactical Sharpener Box SetReal Avid Viscera$50 Gift Card to WideOpenSpaces.com10lbs of True North Outdoors Fatal Attraction Trophy MineralHawke DeerPass Scope and a Wicked Tree Gear Saw!

Second Prize: RediEdge 40 Degree Tactical SharpenerReal Avid Viscera,True North Outdoors Fatal Attraction Sugar Beet Draw

Third Prize: RediEdge Dog Tag SharpenerReal Avid Revelation


Al's Elk

Al’s Elk

Ann-Marie's Impala

Ann Marie’s Impala

Chad’s Whitetail

Dale's Mule Deer

Dale’s Mule Deer

Kent's Elk

Kent’s Elk

Kevin and Sarah

Kevin and Sarah

Marcus' Whitetail

Marcus’ Whitetail

Todd's Whitetail

Todd’s Whitetail

Troy's Elk

Troy’s Elk

Zane's Whitetail

Zane’s Whitetail


Mountain Goat,Hunting,Mountians,Back Coutnry,Steve Tittsworth,Greenback Tactical Hunters,
KUIU,Verde,Guide,Jacket,Guide DCS Jacket,Guide Jacket,
  • Ben Adams

    Congrats to all the finalists! Great contest, Will. It’s neat to see everyone’s success from hunting.

  • Thumper Anderson

    I love Troy’s Elk….That million dollar smile says it all!!! Good pic of him Emily!