Review: KUIU Verde Camo

KUIU makes some of the best clothing for the outdoors on the market today. I’ve had the pleasure of using their Guide Jacket and Pants for the last few months and the the fit and function is amazing. While the garments are great what about the camo? When KUIU  came to the market they only offered solid colors and their Vias camo. Vias is a high contrast patter that does a great job of breaking up your outline. At the end of 2012 KUIU introduced their latest camo pattern, Verde. The Verde pattern has a slightly softer contract and works well in a wide variety of environments.

Many will tell you that most camo is designed to lure in hunters and their money more than hide them. KUIU’s mission is to build the best, lightest hunting clothing out there. The products are purpose built for mountain hunting but have tons of application in hunting and just outdoors in general. Their camo follows the same theme. It’s  basic digital camo pattern but the mix of green, dark grey and light colors do an amazing job at breaking up your outline.

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Photo Courtesy Pedro Ampuero

Recent research tells us that due to the the structure of the ungulate eye, we believe they only see in shades of blue, yellow and gray. So to really understand what they may see I’ve altered some of the images to better show how a deer or elk might see. As far as personal experience I’ve been very happy with this camo. I’ve had close encounters with deer and turkey and they never knew I was there. Turkey obviously have much more acute vision and see in a broad color spectrum. If you can hide from a turkey in this camo you can definitely hide from deer! What I’ve found most surprising is the pattern seems to hide movement well. I wouldn’t go do jumping jacks in the woods but slow deliberate movement goes undetected when in similar situations I’ve been busted especially by turkeys. I had 8 turkeys at 15 yards and little cover and even moving some I was never detected. I’ve had the same experiences on the ground and in a tree stand. Unfortunately I don’t have any tree stand pictures as being your own photographer makes it difficult and the few I got were terribly out of focus. As you can imagine the soft contrast and mix of colors makes you pretty much disappear in the skyline even when silhouetted. Whether you are on the ground or in a tree if there are any branches or other things to help obstruct it really disappears.(EDIT: Tree Stand Picture Added Below)

A while ago KUIU Owner, Jason Hairston, did a post on camouflage on the KUIU Blog that you can read here. It made a lot of sense to me and made me think of camo differently. Traditionally with camo we try to look like trees, branches and leaves. If you look at nature you’ll notice that for the most part the only animals that try to look like their surrounding are prey. Most apex predators have a macro pattern that helps hide movement, break up their large form and blend into varied environments. I’m not saying that other patters aren’t effective but this made a lot of sense to me and after wearing the verde pattern, I’m a believer!

To round this all out the Verde camo pattern is a great camo pattern that has a wide range of applications. One of my goals in preparing for my September elk hunt is to find top quality gear that will perform just as well on a 7 day backpack elk hunt as it does in a whitetail tree stand. The quality of the clothing combined with the Verde camo pattern makes the perfect garment for most any hunt.

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KUIU,Verde Camo,Guide Jacket,Guide Pants,

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  • Rasher Quivers

    It definitely works, but it is the ugliest camo I have ever seen. The proof is in the picture as far as the effectiveness.

    • TheWilltoHunt

      So you’re telling me it doesn’t bring out my eyes? :-) It’s very effective but yeah it may not win any fashion contests. Color adjusted photos or regular photos still only give us a hint of how the animal perceives it. My experience with it is what made me a believer, if you will.

    • Chadwick

      It’s funny, I think it looks pretty badass. For whatever reason, the more function something has, the more I like it aestheticly. Read the same for the optifade pattern, how’s it ugly. But I love it.

  • Dan

    Camo has came a long way in the last ten years. Can’t wait to see whats next