Product Review: Danner Combat Hikers

Yet another product review but one that you can probably get a great deal on! I got my Danner Combat Hikers from for $50 with a retail of $309. While they aren’t on sale at that site anymore you can find them at various other retailers for a good deal because they were discontinued. Also, do yourself a favor and join and save some money! Fast shipping and they accept returns.

These are some great versatile boots that work well in most any season. They stand up to abuse and are crazy comfortable. To read my full review head over to the Western Hunter Magazine Blog.

Vension with rosemary and cherries
  • American Grouch

    Interesting, your take on them was completely opposite my own experiences. I wonder if they changed something in the production, is this not the new/old Talus? There are some subtle changes at least, noticing the eyelets are differently placed. I wrote about mine here:

    Maybe this is a completely different boot…

    • Will Jenkins

      They are VERY similar that’s for sure, in looking at your review I too have only noticed subtle differences. I’ve had these out in wet conditions and crossed creeks but the soil tends to be more sandy and I guess therefore less likely to clog up like the clay pictured in your review. The Vibram sole is pretty stiff but I haven’t had any traction issues on wet surfaces then again I don’t know that I’ve ever tried to walk on or across wet rocks in them. Most of my off trail hiking is in leafy forest floors with steep creek banks to cross and I found them quite helpful. The shape of the tread allowed them to bite into the creek bank and make the climb up pretty easy. A difference in terrain makes an enormous difference in performance. Now I’m trying to think of a mucky clay area I can go romp around in and see how they do! I think though even if wet traction is a problem it wouldn’t change my opinion too much as the comfort and support is great as well as the build quality. Plus obviously the fact that I haven’t encountered that terrain in the last year that I’ve been using them makes it a little easier to have a positive impression.

      Thanks for stopping by and offering your experience I love seeing how things performed for others! Maybe I should start putting an disclaimer like they do on the TV commercials, “Results Not Typical”. :-)

  • American Grouch

    roger that

    I’m thinking the vulcanized sole is somewhat different. In the Talus I had they were so hard you couldn’t dent them with a finger nail, one of the old methods for determining if a sole is too hard, or soft for that matter. I have several other pairs of Danner boots and none of them have such a hard outer sole.

    Off the wet rocks they weren’t too bad but I’ve got a lot of that here. Appreciate the write up, well done.

    • Will Jenkins

      Yeah these are definitely not that that hard you can definitely push a fingernail into. Thanks for taking the time to read the review and comment! I always love the feedback and experiences with products.